Where to start: The Home Essentials Kit


The TOP 10 essential oils for every home: The Home Essential Oils Kit - 10 of the most popular, versatile oils + an amazing diffuser.

What's included in this kit:

FRANKINCENSE: King of all oils - immune system, anti-inflammatory, skin anti-aging, mood balancing

DIGESTZEN: All things digestion - gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea

LAVENDER: Soothing + calming - stress/anxiety, sleep, skin support (burns, rashes, bites, etc.)

PEPPERMINT: Uplifting + cooling - clear breathing, digestion, tension, energy, focus, fever, hot flashes

LEMON: Cleansing + uplifting - detoxifying, cleansing, antiseptic, uplifts mood, focus, cleaning

ON GUARD: Protective - everyday immune support, anti-bacterial, sore throat, coughs, colds, flus

TEA TREE: Skin soother - blemishes, fungus, dry/flaky skin/scalp, cuts, scrapes, sore ears, cleaning

OREGANO: Threat eliminator - immune support, natural antibiotic, GI support, skin tags + warts

EASY AIR: All things respiratory - increase O2 absorption, open airways, kill germs

ICE BLUE: Muscle + joint soother - aches, pains, stiffness, before/after exercise

PETAL DIFFUSER: Ultrasonic cool mist with 1 hr, 2 hr, and 4 hr settings, covers up to 330 sq. ft.

YOUR PRICE: $365 NZD | PV: 235 | Save over $240 from the normal retail price

These oils are perfect for anyone to begin with on their oil journey - there is an oil in this kit you can reach for to support any physical or emotional health concern you might have.  Just reply to this email to get started!