My favourite Doterra Essential Oils



There are so many essential oils I love using but there are a some that I just cannot go a day without using. Essential oils have become so important in my life since I begun using them for my health, my skin, my hair, and internally for immune boosting support and so much more. I could probably list so many essential oils I LOVE as they all have such amazing uses and outstanding benefits! I continue to be amazed at what you can use these amazing little vials of living wild essentials for.

1. LAVENDER: This is one of the most beautiful and useful essential oils I use. It is defiantly my lifelong favourite essential oil. I love to diffuse it around the house to make my house smell fresh and sweet. It is an amazing oil for reducing the appearance of scars, acne, chapped lips, stretch marks, dandruff, wrinkles, wounds, diaper rash, thrush and more. It can also assist with lymphatic system drainage and balancing menopausal conditions. Lavender is known to have the ability to affect the mood and can help deal with anxiety, stress, depression, crying, grief, insomnia and sleep disorders. I love diffusing it or applying it to my temples or pillow before I go to bed to help with a restful nights sleep. My all time favourite use for Lavender essential oil however, is for its amazing ability to assist with the healing of burns. I never leave the house without this essential oil and I always make sure I have spare one in the cupboard in case I run out when I least expect it.

2. LEMON: Lemon is probably the first essential oil I use when I wake up. I love to put this oil in my water! Lemon is known to help regulate blood pressure, assist with constipation and sluggish digestion, kidney stones, lymphatic cleansing, pancreatitis, and purification of the body. Lemon is also great to help with cold sores, colds and flus, throat infections, tonsillitis and can also help reduce the appearance of varicose veins, balance skin tones, reduce hangovers and so much more! I love this oil and never go a day without it!

3. FRANKINCENSE: Frankincense has many anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antidepressent properties which makes it a highly sought after essential oil. When in doubt I always use Frankincense as it is such a powerful essential oil. It can help with arthritis, brain health or injuries, cancer, coma’s, concussion, depression, immune system support, infected wounds, mental fatigue, parkinson’s disease, postpartum depression, lipoma tumours, wrinkles and so much more. I have used frankincense in the past on a really bad wound infection on my hand that had spread to the other side of my hand. Within a few hours of continuously applying this oil the infection was gone. This oil saved me from taking antibiotics which in the past have thrown my digestive system off balance and left me constipated for months! I always have this oil handy, as you never know when you are going to need it.

4. GERANIUM: This is my go to oil for all round skin health. I love to add this to clay masks, my facial moisturisers, cleaners, baths, skin scrubs and lotions. The primary benefits for geranium essential oil includes, autism, breasts (soothes), bruises, cancer, broken capillaries, stress, gallbladder stones, dry hair, insomnia, jet lag, low libido,  osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, pancreas support, PMS, post labour, rheumatoid arthritis, dry skin and wrinkles. I love this oil! It has the most incredible smell, if you haven’t used geranium before I suggest you try it out. You will never look back, it is incredibly useful for so many things!

5: ON GUARD, PROTECTIVE BLEND: This blend of essential oils has strong abilities to fight against harmful bacteria, mould, and viruses. It is antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral. This protective blend can help with bladder infections, candida overgrowth, chronic fatigue, cold sores, colds, coughs, the flu, gum disease, infections, lupus, pneumonia, warts and more! Every time I get sick (which isn’t that often) this is the first oil I turn to i and each time I have used it I have witnessed its amazing ability to help fight bacterial and viral infections. This oil is always in my medicine cabinet and in my bag when I leave the house. I can’t be found without this oil, I never know when I am going to need to protect myself from someone else who has a cold or flu. I love to take this oil internally as well as a great immune boosting support.

6: SERENITY, CALMING BLEND:  Who else needs a bit of serenity in their life? I love my calming blend essential oil. I keep this one on my bedside table.  I love to apply this oil to my temples before bed and diffuse it in my diffuser. This blend of essential oils helps to calm and soothe the feelings of stress, excitement, and anxiety, helping to assist the body in maintaining its natural state of health. Serenity is great for ADD/ADHD, anxiety, calming the emotions, hyperactivity, insomnia, mental fatigue, mood swings, sleep, stress and tension. Everyone needs a bit of serenity in their life. I wish I could give a bottle of this oil to everyone!


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